When things likes surplus or goods with defect have to be destroyed, our company can handle it for you professionally

影片展示銷毀貨品過程 影片展示銷毀貨品過程
  • We will visit our client and offer advice for reference. Quotation will be submitted after knowing about the goods nature, quantity and weight etc.
  • With our client's approval, we can arrange delivery of goods to our workshop for disposal.
  • We will follow strictly our client's requirements and instructions to execute the order. We will collect charges from our client with our client satisfaction.
  • We will offer professional advice based on our working principle and experience.
  • Our client can assign dedicated person to monitor our job. Taking photo and note to assure no deviation from requirements is welcome.
  • We will first group the goods, say, cartoon box, plastic, metal etc before working on the goods. Goods will then be sent to appropriate recycle channel.
  • Our client can ask for return of all remainings after the job is done.

Process Flow

  • We take care of the waste generated from most manufacturing, including any SCRAP of computer, electronics, paper, metal, plastics and etc. All waste would be classified into different categories such as below and delivered to the relevant facility for recycling purpose.
    • Paper & Cardboard
    • Metal - Aluminum, Ferrous & Copper
    • Plastics - Mylar, Cellophane and Polystyrene tray
  • All incoming wastes will go through a sorting process and be categorized into different recycling material groups. Then a press process is applied forming a bale for dispatch to different recycling locations.
    • Hydraulic down stroke Balers & Forklift are used for above purpose
    • Bales & bags will then be ready for shipment
  • After the packing process, all shipment would be sold and delivered for recycling process. For instance, plastics would be recycled for injection molding machine for plastics product production. Metal would be melted for hardware production. Paper would be heated and compressed to become recycled paper.
  • Our business is officially registered in HK serving the waste recycling within HK boundary.
  • We reclaim Gold, Silver, Copper, from defective or pulled out IC chips, transistor, semi-conductor, etc..!


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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Hong Kong Recycle Center believes all of us have the responsibility to protect the ecology of our earth. We should save energy and reduce waste, try our best to minimize the harm to the nature and work together to create a healthy and happy environment.
  • As a responsible corporate, Hong Kong Recycle Center also actively supports environmental protection activities, implements environmental protection measures and promotes to our staff and client to be aware of the importance of environmental protection in supporting sustainable development. Kong Kong Recycle Center joined the The Nature Conservancy in 2014 to preserve valuable land and water, which are critical to our life.

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